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Accurate Trading Signals

Bitcoin Revolution App uses top-notch technology based on the most advanced algorithm. It scans and analyzes the market with unmatched accuracy, delivers the most precise trading indicators based on live data, therefore having the highest success rate.

Automated Trading Software

Bitcoin Revolution trading app offers an automated trading mode in addition to the manual one. Using the Trading Robot feature means never missing an opportunity to make a profit. The software will execute trades according to the trading signals.

Privacy Shield Security

Bitcoin Revolution offers peace of mind with the Privacy Shield security, providing a private and safe trading environment. Personal information, financial data, and trading details are all kept secure at all times with up to date internet security protocols.

Sign-up now and start making money with the Bitcoin Revolution software!

Bitcoin Revolution is not just a software, it is an exclusive club, a circle of people who decided to stop dreaming and start living their dreams, making them a reality by trading with the Bitcoin Revolution trading system.

Making money is easy, trading does not require previous experience, success is not only for professionals anymore. Registering for free and setting up the system only requires a few minutes a day, and Bitcoin Revolution sensational software will take care of business for you!

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

In short – Bitcoin Revolution is a cryptocurrency trading platform, the leading of its kind, most reliable, with proven results. The software is suitable for every trader at any level of experience. Bitcoin Revolution can be adjusted and switched between manual and fully automated crypto trading options using its convenient interface to change the settings as needed. It is meant to make easy money with minimum effort by being so efficient and accurate, scanning the market, analyzing information, executing trades. Join the Bitcoin Revolution community and start on your path to success and financial freedom.



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Unmatched Accuracy

With the highest accuracy rate of 99.4%, the Bitcoin Revolution is the best performing software of its kind. Combined with its 0.01-second advantage over the market, Bitcoin Revolution provides unbeatable results, making it the most profitable automated trading software in the world. It utilizes every advantage to provide the best results possible.

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Awarded Software

Bitcoin Revolution has been acknowledged by many experts and users worldwide for its advanced technology and undeniable top-notch performance. It was awarded the Number One Trading Software by the US Trading Association, amongst other honorable titles and rewards. Bitcoin Revolution is the market leader, by far, in any cryptocurrency trading category.

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Exceptional Performance

Bitcoin Revolution software was developed based on the highest standards and the leading technology, using advanced and complex automated algorithms to achieve its advantage, accuracy, and results. It never sleeps or slows down, always scanning the market - recognizing the best trading opportunities and generate the highest revenues for each trade.


See Bitcoin Revolution in real live action!

How Bitcoin Revolution Works


Free and easy – Just fill in the short registration form on our website with some basic information and submit it. Verification is instantaneous, so you can become a Bitcoin Revolution member and can start trading almost immediately.


Minimum investment – Only $250 is required to fund your account. You would need to start your live trading, this would be your investment capital. You can always add funds to your account according to your trading preferences.


Quick profit – Start live trading right after you choose your settings. Manual or automated, the Bitcoin Revolution makes making money easier than ever. No previous experience is required, no market knowledge is needed.

Bitcoin Revolution App

Bitcoin Revolution App

Bitcoin Revolution is suitable for desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones,  tablets, and in fact, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Moreover, it does not require any download or installation for either desktop or mobile devices.

The Bitcoin Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading app. Although it is considered and referred to as a fully automated trading platform, it actually offers manual trading as well. The manual trading mode allows more control as you can choose the trades and execute them manually, while the auto mode has the trading robot (basically – the automated software mode) which constantly scans the market, analyzing it using its complex algorithms, and provides trading signals – thus executing trades automatically, according to the preset choices and settings as chosen by you.

The Bitcoin Revolution app, the best of its kind, is perfectly safe and secure, tried and tested, reputable and reliable. Easy to use, easy to make money.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam

As with any other high-involvement decision, one with some degree of risk (whether financial, social, or psychological), making the choice to take on crypto trading should involve some research and careful consideration. It is definitely worth the time and effort.

If you are reading through this now, you probably know that not only Bitcoin Revolution is a good choice, but it is by all means the best one. With its high accuracy level, unbeatable success rate, multiple system features, adjustable user control, advanced security protocols, and proven consistent results – The bitcoin revolution is a reliable, verified, trustworthy system. 

The secret to its success is the incredible combination of the latest technology, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and around-the-clock professional customer support. And although the Bitcoin Revolution is considered the leading crypto trading robot in the market, all of its great features are also available when using the manual trading mode.

No scam. 

Still not convinced? Keep on reading and be sure to review the Bitcoin Revolution Scam Page as well.

BTC Revolution Bitcoin Revolution Scam

Is Bitcoin Revolution Safe?

Bitcoin Revolution follows all the applicable rules and regulations on security and safety. From the latest system security protocols through abiding by the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – every step is taken to ensure the protection and privacy of all personal data.

Furthermore, financial information is not shared with anyone but you. As part of a comprehensive service and support system, Bitcoin Revolution is partnered with licensed brokers to provide professional advice and assistance to its members, as needed, and at no additional cost.
Rest assured that any personal, financial and trading information is kept private and secured at all times. 

Is Bitcoin Revolution Real?

Bitcoin Revolution is a real, legitimate, crypto trading software that delivers proven results. Being an automated trading system means that it manages all the trades for you, pretty much from your first deposit through withdrawing the profits. The only thing required of you is to set your chosen trading rules according to your preferences, spend a few minutes each day to monitor your account, adjust the settings as needed, and make deposits or withdrawals as you wish. 

Its unique features make Bitcoin Revolution the most advanced passive money making tool in the market. Real platform, real profits.

Can Anyone Use Bitcoin Revolution?

Yes, by all means! The Bitcoin Revolution system can be operated by anyone, with or without prior experience, whether you have vast to no knowledge of the market. The software is meant for any investor who wishes to easily gain profits and make passive income. 

Not only can anyone use Bitcoin Revolution, but this amazing trading software can also be operated from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. Wherever you live, once you place a withdrawal request, the money will be transferred – in your local currency – directly to your bank account. No fees, no hassle.

Bitcoin Revolution software

The Bitcoin Revolution software has a unique combination of advanced features and best qualities, making it the best of its kind. No other trading platform offers the benefits of the Bitcoin Revolution software and being a member of its investors’ community.

Membership offers free use of this time-saving and money-making automated cryptocurrency trading platform, with easy operation, smooth transactions, quick withdrawals, different trading modes, adjustable trading rules, personalized settings, and more.

Because Bitcoin Revolution settings can be tuned to reflect the investors’ personality, risk level preferences, and trading experience, being so easily operated according to your individual needs, along with its unique features, makes it the Number One choice of traders around the world.

Advantages of Bitcoin Revolution

Here are the main features that create a distinctive advantage and make the Bitcoin Revolution the leading automated cryptocurrency platform on the market:

Absolutely Free Software

Bitcoin Revolution is free. Completely free to use, with no limitations. No purchase required, no fees, commissions, or hidden charges. You have no partners to your trading account - whatever you deposit and profit is all yours, one hundred percent.

No Download Needed

Because the Bitcoin Revolution is web-based, it does not require download or installation. You will not need to install updates as maintenance is all done on the back-end. This is also the reason that it is accessible anytime, from anywhere, and any device with an internet connection.

Simple Software Setup

Joining the Bitcoin Revolution is very easy. There is a short and simple registration form, and once you are approved, the system is convenient, straightforward, and easy to manage. Settings can be changed anytime, all the time, according to your personal preferences.

Quick Verification Process

There are no waiting lists or applications to be approved. Once the short registration form is submitted, the user information will be instantaneously verified and approved. When you deposit trading funds to your account, your payment information will be promptly verified to avoid unnecessary waiting periods.

Low Trading Investment

The initial deposit of $250 serves to fund your account for live trades. You do not need to trade with the full amount of your deposit, as you can enter trades with a minimum amount of $25. The total balance of your account - deposits and profits - is always withdrawable, in full.

Demo Account Feature

This Bitcoin Revolution unique testing feature is meant for testing and practice. It is similar to live testing, but you are not actually trading with real money. It allows you to gain experience and familiarity with the software, and correct your settings according to your demo trades results.

Exclusive Backtesting Feature

Another unique feature of the Bitcoin Revolution software is the backtesting. Unlike the Demo feature, the backtesting allows you to test your current settings on past market conditions, to check the success rate and profitability of your settings. If you use this feature, it will assist you in refining your system’s trading rules.

Live Manual Trading

When you move on to live tradings, you can choose between the manual and automated mode. We recommend that only experienced traders who prefer to have hands-on management of their trading account use the manual trading mode and start with the minimum entry amounts.

Live Auto Trading

With the auto-trading feature, the Bitcoin Revolution system does everything for you. The trading robot will scan the markets 24/7 to identify profitable trading opportunities. This is the recommended trading mode for all investors, and especially the inexperienced. It is all-inclusive, fast, accurate, and therefore usually the most profitable as well.

Multiple Currency Trading

Although the system is called Bitcoin Revolution, there are several digital currencies and government-issued fiat money that can be traded using this system. Except for Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash, you can also trade Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Euro, US Dollars and Swiss Franc.

Highest Success Rate

Bitcoin Revolution members enjoy the highest success rate of all the automated trading platforms available on the market. With its recorded 99.4% success rate, there is no wonder this software is so highly regarded and publicly praised.

Time Leap Advantage

Bitcoin Revolution is always ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. A short time difference which creates a big advantage. Having this kind of “time leap” advantage over the market means that the software is able to execute trades first, achieving its indisputable success rate.

High Profits Probability

Trading activities always involve some level of risk, especially in a volatile market. Although profit is never a guaranty, the Bitcoin Revolution auto trading system provides the highest probability of consistently successful trades which result in significant profits. This is true to traders of all levels, once the rules are set according to your ability and preferences.

No Hassle Withdrawals

All the funds in your account, consisting of deposits and earnings, can be withdrawn in part or in full. The withdrawal process is easy and hassle-free. From the moment you fill and submit your withdrawal request, the money will be transferred to your account within the following 24 hours.

Perfectly Safe & Secure

At Bitcoin Revolution, every step is taken to ensure that your personal information, as well as your financial information and transaction details, are completely safe and absolutely secure. This is achieved by applying the most advanced technology of security protocols and privacy regulations to each step.

Professional Customer Support

Bitcoin Revolution members enjoy the support of both the customer care team and professional brokers at no cost. To ensure that each and every investor maximizes profit potential, our team of professionals is available to assist with setting up the account, answer questions, help with technical issues, consult and execute trades.


To join the Bitcoin Revolution community, all you need is to complete the registration process. Signing up is easy – fill the short registration form, and once approved you will have your login credentials. You can then access the platform and make the initial funding deposit for your trading capital. Now that you have joined and became a member, you can start experimenting and move on to live trading, being on your way to making great profits!

Bitcoin Revolution members report an average daily profit of $1,300. Although the higher the investment – the higher the profits, we recommend starting small, with the initial funding deposit of $250, and moving up as you acquire confidence and experience.

Bitcoin Revolution is made simple to minimize your efforts, save you time, and make you money. Members report a daily average of 20 minutes per day, to check the account, make adjustments, deposits, or withdrawals.

Yes, it is. Not only the Bitcoin Revolution is legitimate software, but it was also accredited by many experts and celebrities, as well as other members from all around the world. The platform won several rewards, given its high accuracy rate, measured at a remarkable rate of 99.4%. This is achieved much thanks to the 0.01 seconds advantage this software has over the market. Investing and trading with the Bitcoin revolution is as safe as it gets. It minimizes the risks and maximizes the success rate and profit potential in every market condition, on every transaction.

The Bitcoin Revolution app was developed as the cryptocurrencies gained more and more worldwide popularity, calling for an independent trading tool, that does not require professional knowledge and experience. This software applies many features and advanced technology to make it the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly, automated crypto trading software available in the market today.

Bitcoin Revolution is neither affiliate marketing nor MLM. It is a unique, standalone, auto trading platform that is operated by and for the user. Your profits are not measured by the success of other members and investors. The software is meant to make profits with any amount invested, and all the profits are 100% yours, to be re-invested or withdrawn. 

Bitcoin Revolution is free. Registering and joining is free, and there are no membership or other dues. The software does not need to be purchased or downloaded, and using it is absolutely free of any charge. No fees, no dues, no commissions, no hidden charges.

Bitcoin Revolution is absolutely and completely free of any charges and fees. Registration is free (also very simple and quick!), no download is required, there are no membership fees, no monthly or annual fees, no usage cost or limitations, no commissions, no withdrawal charges. As said – absolutely free! Therefore, funds you deposit and the profits you make are yours 100%.

If you need additional information or have other questions about the Bitcoin Revolution software, you can:

  • Read through our website for additional information about the Bitcoin Revolution, including the Scam Page.
  • Contact customer support through the Contact Us page on our website.
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